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Written and Directed by John Jahnke
Performance Space 122, New York City
Created in residency at 3LD Art and Technology Center and AIR
Listen to the Radio Version on AIR's Archives:

A frisky and hyper-stylized sex comedy that shoots straight into the heart of marriage in America. Inspired by the struggle for sexual autonomy, the work explores the relationship between the Reverend Kendrick and his wife Mercy. Along with two teenagers and a sexton, they breach the boundaries of matrimonial shackles and dive headlong into a hedonistic lifestyle with complex consequences. Behind the Technicolor Romance lies a scathing indictment of rules and regulations, rituals and rites of spring. Originally designed as a serial radio play for AIR, the work also uses the internet as a means disseminating theatrical content to a larger audience.

Photos © Dixie Sheridan

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