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Lola I - Christina Campanella
Ludwig I - Tony Torn
Ludwig II - Salvatore Garguilo
Satyr I - David Ilku
Satyr II - Dustin Schell
Lola II - Harley Kaplan

Direction / Design - John Jahnke
Set Design - Jerry Schwartz
Lighting Design - Andrew Hill
Costume Design - Jocelyn Worrall
Choreography - DD Dorvillier, John Jahnke
Backdrop - Hillary Moore
Video Design - Tal Yarden
Video/Sound - John Jahnke
Stage Manager - Saylor Billings
Thank You - The Saint and the Devil, Inc., The Hotel Savant

New York International Fringe Festival 1998 Cast & Crew
Lola I - Juliana Francis
Ludwig I - Tony Torn
Ludwig II - George Otto
Satyr I - Peter Jacobs
Satyr II - John Jahnke
Lola II - Harley Kaplan
Direction / Design - John Jahnke
Set Design - Hillary Moore
Lighting Design - Kevin Adams, Chris Brown
Costume Design - Pilar Limosner
Choreography - DD Dorvillier, John Jahnke
Stage Manager - Leland Vall
Thank You - Diane White


"The Vision is so grand and florid and strangely evocative... flamboyant yet somehow never frivolous..." - Time Out

"Woven into these extraordinary events and lengthy discussions of 19th century politics are themes of decadence, disguise and self-mythologizing… Exquisite stage pictures and performances." - Village Voice

"As she flies away in her carriage toward an unknown future, there is no doubt that this Lola has been impressed on our memories… as a symbol of the futility of flight, and the loneliness that comes with giving yourself up to other's fantasies." - Show Business

"Jahnke wisely focuses on on a single episode: the day of Lola's expulsion from Ludwig I's Bavarian kingdom in 1848… sophisticated deconstruction of the abject fascination Ludwig I had for Lola." - On Stage

"Montez is skillfully woven… gives a humorously compassionate view of a very human predicament. Go see it for its merits as a piece of theater." - Fringe Propaganda

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