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Written and Directed by John Jahnke
3LD Art and Technology Center
Part of Performance Space 122's COIL Festival

Part 3 of the Men Go Down trilogy, Black Recollections is set in Turkey 1893 AD, 1500 years after Part 1 and one year after the king, Endymion, awakens from a 1000-year sleep on the eve of the summer equinox. The king's ancestral home, built into a cliff, is now a ruined Victorian hotel, where he resides in limbo as a cocaine-addicted "renter," seemingly unable to cope with modern conventions. There he engages in a series of sacrificial games in an effort to escape yesteryear's crimes. A deconstructed Victorian Chamber drama, full of vicious humor, Black Recollections is a perverse exploration of our willful inability to atone for past mistakes.

Photos © Dixie Sheridan

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